Striped Artificial Grass by Warwickshire Easigrass company

Warickshire launches new artificial striped grass

Easigrass Warwickshire have recently launched their Easistripe artificial grass product and installed it on a full landscape including renovation of the paving, fencing and raised beds.Below you can see before the new stripey artificial grass was installed.

installation of striped easigrass artificial grass

Easigrass Artificial Grass Chichester

John Lewis Artificial Grass Chichester

After a successful 2015 we will once again we will be having a display area in John Lewis Chichester and just confirmed this week in the brand new John Lewis store in Horsham.  Looking forward to having some show days at both stores.

Artificial Grass at work

Anglian Waters Installation

Many companies, especially in the Computer or Technical fields have what are becoming known as “Breakout areas” for staff. These normally consist of sofas, games console, ping pong tables, pinball machines etc. Rather the carpet tiles or Lino you can opt for a garden look and feel. We have even installed artificial grass in Boardrooms!! This install was done in a call centre in Huntingdon.

Football Artificial Grass Leiston Football Club

Leiston Football Club Installation

As with all football surfaces the areas with most usage are the linesman’s “runs” and by the dug outs. We installed artificial grass at Leiston F.C and Ely F.C in the areas directly adjacent to the players dug outs and in both cases, feedback has been very positive.