Outdoor Entertaining With Easigrass Artificial Lawns

Artificial grass for year-round, all-weather outdoor entertainment

Unpredictable weather in the summer months can make the build up to your outdoor party a nervy experience when you pin all hopes on the sun being the guest of honour. When rain gatecrashes the party, there’s little we can do except head for cover and try not to be too upset by all those muddy footprints from the soggy lawn rushing for shelter inside your home. There’s nothing quite like rain in the supposed height of summer to dampen the spirits and the décor of an outdoor social gathering.

British weather is not something we can change to suit, but we can adapt the way we approach the design of our gardens to ensure the best outdoor entertaining experiences whatever the weather. Imagine an easy-to-maintain garden that not only looks great all the time, it’s also weather-proof and offers those added touches to allow you to enjoy everything from spontaneous social barbeques to grandiose garden parties in all seasons?

Inspired by more than 30 years of experience supplying and installing artificial turf in businesses and homes throughout the UK and abroad, Easigrass offers some of the most innovative and unique artificial grass designs to create the ultimate outdoor experience.

As well as a range of synthetic grasses for garden lawns, balconies and terraces, Easigrass offers bespoke gazebo-style structures that blend perfectly with a lush garden and provide shelter for all manner of outdoor socials. Atmospheric garden lighting and even fun artificial grass animal structures, Easigrass is leading the way in transforming standard gardens into enjoyable, practical and unique entertaining spaces.

Outdoor events are more popular than ever in the UK, particularly for commercial events. Easigrass has created incredible outdoor event spaces for high-profile corporate clients, including Adidas, John Lewis, Chelsea Football Club, the BBC, Harrods and Harvey Nicols. Artificial grass delivers the ideal outside entertainment setting, transforming areas into fresh, lively, lush-green spaces.

Artificial grass – the perfect party host:

Preparing a natural lawn when hosting outdoor event is a time-consuming hassle. With fake grass, however, there’s no need to worry about mowing or weeding the lawn before the guests arrive. Synthetic lawns always look perfectly manicured and impressive. You can concentrate your time and energy on preparing delicious food and activities for your garden party without having to worry about mud, weeds or long, messy grass. Easigrass lawns are the perfect host for spontaneous barbeques and picnics or more formal outside social occasions.

All-weather durable surface:

Rainwater drains quickly away from Easigrass lawns, thanks to specially constructed and permeable installations. Even if it rains heavily in the days or hours leading up to your party, there’s no need to concern yourself with the mess caused by muddy surfaces when you have a fantastic looking artificial lawn. It dries much more quickly than a natural lawn and doesn’t muddy your guests’ clothes or your house.

Synthetic turf is extremely durable and is designed for heavy footfall. That’s why it’s a popular surface of choice for sports fields. It can withstand the liveliest of parties and dance moves. The cushioned, soft-feel surface of an artificial lawn also makes it safer for children and young-of-heart to run around, enjoy and boogie on down.

While barbeques are a feature on most of our summer social calendars, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers and damage caused by outdoor fires. Easigrass recommends that if you are planning a charcoal barbecue, protect the fake grass area with wood or canvas to avoid hot embers falling on the grass. Please note artificial grass lawns are not suitable launch pad surface for fireworks.

Outdoor furniture and accessories can cause lots of damage to natural lawns, but the durability of high quality artificial grass eliminates the wear tear concerns of having lots of tables and chairs in the garden. Imprints from garden furniture will lift naturally in time, but, if required, just use a small stiff brush to lift the lawn fibres after the party.

As an all-weather durable lawn, lush green synthetic grass in your garden is perfect for those who like to host outdoor gatherings throughout the year.

Easi-Gazebee – the best in garden entertainment solutions:

One of the most popular garden products in the Easigrass outdoor accessory range, the Easi-Gazeebee offers customers the ultimate al fresco dining and entertainment experience. Its successful launch at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2015 has inspired the design of different size ranges in the collection. All handmade in England at Easigrass headquarters, Gazebees offer the highest quality in garden structures.

The largest Gazebee in the range provides an outdoor dining experience for up to 12 people, with the smallest designed to comfortably seat four around a table. These unique grass-covered gazebos offer a perfect solution for outside living and dining for family. Shelter from the rain and shade from the sun, Gazebees are the must-have garden accessory for those who love to spend as much time in their garden as possible.

Brighten up your balcony or roof terrace with a touch of grass:

Balconies and roof terraces offer an ideal outdoor solution for areas, such as cities, where space is at a premium. Artificial turf is extremely versatile and adaptable and can be applied to a whole host of areas. That’s why it’s a popular way to bring dull, hard and shady areas to life. Having a lush green lawn look creates an incredible impression for guests at roof parties and courtyards. Bringing a touch of grass is a highly fashionable urban trend.

Lights, party, action:

Easigrass has a range of accessories available, including electrical design for lighting and heating requirements. The company has worked with many leading landscape and garden experts and its design team is skilled in enhancing a wealth of outdoor areas. Easi-lighting systems have transformed many gardens by night, with counter sunk lighting, elegant wash-lighting effects for feature walls and low-level wall-mounted options. Available from the Greater London branch, the Easi-lighting system showcases trees and shrubs and can create a more spacious feel to an outdoor area by drawing the eye to distant parts of the garden.

What better way to create an incredible party setting when the sun goes down?

Party animals:

We all like to impress and create a sense of fun and enjoyment at our parties. Easigrass is always looking to create unique and innovative artificial grass products. One of the latest additions to the Easigrass family is the Easi-Animals – a fantastic collection of grass covered animal structures. This incredible collection is hugely popular with customers, even Royalty, and really adds a touch of fun and flare outdoors. Easigrass has mastered the special techniques of creating any shape and size of animal using synthetic grass. Creations includes lions, tigers, elephants, horses, donkeys, camels, Komodo dragons, cows, crocodiles, hippos, panda bears, unicorns, as well as an 8ft-high gorilla and a 10ft-high giraffe. The Easi-Animal range is available for delivery worldwide and comes with a full ten-year warranty. A talking point for any party!

Free quote and advice:

Get a free quote and advice from Easigrass today. The Easigrass Company is vast, covering more than 90% of the UK, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands. We have high quality, trained in-house installation teams in many areas near you.

Our in-house experts can help advise you on the features available from Easigrass to make your garden the perfect place to entertain and impress your guests whatever the party occasion.

Artificial Grass Wildlife Impact

Does artificial grass necessarily have a negative impact on wildlife?

Does Easigrass’s synthetic grass turf have a negative effect on wildlife?

Recently, environmentalists have been stating that they are becoming increasingly worried about the impact of artificial grass on wildlife and habitat. This has been intensified by the huge surge in sales of artificial grass in the last few years, where it has been going from strength to strength in the market.

However, is this claim always true?

In short, the answer is no. To the contrary, Easigrass actually have a leading eco-policy, and specifically state that they will only undertake environmentally-friendly installations. As a company with a strong social conscience they ensure that they do everything they can to promote the combination of flora and fauna alongside their artificial grass products. This means that instead of seeing flora and fauna as antithetical to their artificial products, Easigrass instead see them as integral to the gardens they work on, and as crucial to enhancing the look and feel of the spaces they are creating. As a result, they only agree to complete an installation if there is some form of flora or fauna present.

Acting responsibly

One of Easigrass’s most recent steps in environmental responsibility is their Easi-Scape service. This not only focuses on improving the relationship between the artificial products and their natural environment, but also on assisting the Wildlife Corridor. The Easi-Scape service comes in a variety of options, from the most basic which creates a simple design and complements this with a selection of flora in the bedding areas that surround this, to an option that offers the customer a fully-detailed plant list to choose from. Easigrass are not afraid of embracing new ideas and they are happy to recommend specific natural products to accompany their synthetic turf if requested, with any of their services.

They also follow an eco-policy, which means that they are dedicated to developments and innovative design in these areas. Rather than destroying wildlife, they aim to minimise any negative impact on the environment. This not only means that they create products from recycled matter, but also that their vehicles are eco-respectful and they commit to helping communities conserve water sources if they are in a particularly dry area.

Plants and artificial grass in harmony?

The company’s aim to be socially responsible is not only reflected in their garden installations where they ensure that plants are present before agreeing to the job, but also in the way that they present their product to the wider community. They strongly endorse the combination of artificial grass in combination with flora and fauna. This was perhaps best highlighted in their displays at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Easigrass understand the importance of nature and natural grass, which was demonstrated in their application to showcase at the competition. Instead of proposing an artificial grass garden, they displayed their product in a place where grass would not normally grow: in a cave. Additionally, despite the fact that this installation was designed to promote their synthetic product, they displayed this in conjunction with real flowers and ferns.

This stunning integration of synthetic with the natural was first displayed at the show in 2010, and was repeated two years later when they showcased beautiful orchids surrounded by artificial grass. The designer, Tony Smith, clearly appreciated Easigrass’s mission to combine the real and artificial, which is highlighted in everything that Easigrass strive to achieve. As Anthony Gallagher, Managing Director of Easigrass stated, ‘Tony’s display never sought to compare the artificial with the real, but instead by lining the cage, in which the enviable flora are contained, in fake turf it’s more as if Tony is seeking to frame and juxtapose his subject matter. This is about contrast not comparison.’

Thinking green

Aside from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, one of the most recent triumphs in combining artificial grass with natural plants is at John Lewis’s flagship store on Oxford Street, London. Here there is a mesmerising roof garden carefully integrating the two. Easigrass’s products have been used in this space to create an incredible combination of nature and synthetic turf, and the sumptuous artificial grass sits comfortably among the rosebuds, vegetables and other plantings. Until recently this was a sparse area with minimal containers for plants – now it displays stunning green artificial lawns which perfectly complement the beautiful plants. This is somewhere that real grass would never have coped or lasted, and by making greenery for the floor a reality, Easigrass’s premium Mayfair brand enables the garden to continue and attract many visitors. This showcases one of the many possibilities for combining artificial grass with flora and fauna, and to answer the original question, the use of artificial grass does not necessarily have a negative impact on wildlife, but in contrast can actually be used to enhance it.

Easigrass South Africa - Mehran climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

Easigrass reaches new heights

Easigrass South Africa - Mehran climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

Mehran Zarrebini has many strings to his bow, he is the CEO of PFE International Inc who own Van Dyck Carpets and are licensee holders for Easigrass South Africa. As if that wasn’t enough he just climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in an epic personal challenge that took him way out of his comfort zone. Under the guidance of Mehran, Easigrass South Africa has gone from strength to strength building a nationwide network of partners that pride themselves on high quality installations and 100% customer satisfaction. This dedication to the Easigrass brand stood Mehran in good stead to be able to take on the Kilimanjaro climb. Mehran is no stranger to challenges and has previously climbed Mount Damvand in Iran at an altitude of 5600m but Kilimanjaro, being in Africa, was a climb that was close to his heart. Statistics show that only 50 percent of climbers reach the summit of Kilimanjaro and it can take anything between 5 to 9 days so the fact that Mehran completed the climb in 5 days is beyond impressive.

Showing that Easigrass is never too far from his mind, despite being 5895 metres above sea level, Mehran shared his experience with a piece of Easigrass artificial grass, which he photographed at the summit. That must be the highest piece of artificial grass in the world! Speaking to Mehran after the climb we were completely in awe of his achievement but also his philosophical attitude which has made him the success that he is today.

“It’s good from a personal perspective but also from a business one. We are often so focused on the nitty gritty we forget the bigger picture. Getting to the top is only half the journey, it soon dawns on you that you have to get back down the mountain” 

Congratulations Mehran. We are very proud of you here at Easigrass. Everest next!?