The award winning Chelsea Flower show turf

Welcome to Easigrass Artificial Grass New Zealand!

Easigrass began some ten years ago in the United Kingdom. Originally aimed at the sports market, it has now become a highly trusted landscaping brand and has been installed in thousands of homes and businesses worldwide. We are excited to provide Easigrass here in New Zealand, where there is a growing demand for low maintenance turf that looks fantastic all year round. Easigrass is the most realistic looking artificial grass and ensures you always have beautiful lawns that are easy to look after. If you’re sick of having lawns that are brown and dry in the Summer and boggy and muddy in Winter then Easigrass is your perfect solution! Had enough of mowing your lawns? Look no further!

Easigrass is the only artificial grass company to have been awarded a gold medal at the Chelsea International Flower Show as well as a gold medal from the Royal Horticultural Society. These achievements are some of the very highest in the gardening and landscaping worlds, we believe this shows the innovation and quality behind Easigrass as a product.

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