Easigrass Landscaping

Easigrass Landscaping

Recent successes at the world renowned RHS Chelsea Flower Show and other prominent landscape events throughout the UK has led to Easigrass working closely with some of the nation’s leading garden designers.

Easigrass Landscape Design

Asan established member of all the leading gardening societies, including SGD, BALI, RHS, APL and HTA, Easigrass has been extremely active in showcasing the excellence of its grass range both in terms of aesthetic qualities and performance. This had led us to develop a number of key relationships within the landscaping industry. Successfully challenging prominent garden designers common preconceptions that artificial grass is a coarse and plastic-looking product, we have built trust and confidence in our products as well as our brand.

The success of this relationship with both landscapers and designers, has enabled Easigrass to develop a high end in-house garden design service for customers.

Welcome to Easi-Scape

Our design services are available in three packages:

  1. Basic
  2. Deluxe
  3. Be-spoke

Basic Option: We can create a simple digital design, incorporating a selection of flora in the surrounding bedding areas. The plant list and digital image will then be presented to you for approval.

Deluxe Option: A hand drawn design is created with a full detailed plant list, but also with the introduction of decking, fencing and lighting systems.

Bespoke Option: A full design and installation service with multi-Gold medal winning garden designers. These designers will deliver on time and within budget.

As part of this package, all elements of your garden design will be carefully constructed with hand drawn and digital blueprint presentations. The quality, skill and craftsmanship of our team will take you from design and structure, right through to high-end landscape services.

The introduction of Easi Scape is yet another stride Easigrass is taking toward environmentally responsibility by focusing on improving biophilla as well as assisting the wildlife corridor. For further information please call Easigrass HQ FREE on 0800 788 0070.