Embarking on your career at Easigrass

Easigrass was established over 25 years ago and throughout the years has employed over 2,000 people. What started off as a small company based in London has now expanded via a partner programme both national and internationally. Each partner comes with a variety of distinctive job roles, making it a marvellous company to work within. When hiring new staff, we look for motivated individuals who are willing to represent the Easigrass brand with pride whilst being professional and committed in doing so. By embarking on a career with Easigrass you will have the chance to gain new skills, meet new people and be exposed to exciting opportunities not only this, we reward individuals who work hard, with the chance for career progression. There are many different sectors at Easigrass and these include; working at the heart of Easigrass in Administration, working hands on with the products as a labourer and working as a surveyor, where you will meet and work with clients face to face all over the country. If you would like to know more about what these roles entail, please read below.

Working within the Easigrass Administration sector

Do you enjoy working in an office environment? If your skill set includes being computer literate, organised, having a professional telephone manner whilst taking customer service into high consideration, and being an overall team player, then working within the Administration sector is just for you.

Staff office job role:

  • Answer incoming telephone calls and ensure all enquiries are dealt with effectively
  • Book in site surveys for our clients to have their area measured and presented with an official quote by our surveyors
  • Book in installations for our clients to have artificial grass fitted by our professional installers
  • Providing support to all sectors of our business
  • Raising order invoices
  • Working within a team as well as on your own initiative
  • Processing supply orders and arranging deliveries
  • Posting Invoices and samples, along with booking couriers for postal of bigger items
  • General admin duties I.e. filing, photocopying, sending emails etc

Surveyor job role

  • Frequently check your online calendar receiving site survey bookings from the office team
  • Being punctual and on time for your site survey bookings
  • Accurately take Measurements of our clients area, whilst providing them with an official quote
  • Work close with the office team and report any requirements our clients may have
  • Provide consultation to our clients when needed
  • Have great networking skills- foreseeing potential retailers we could possibly work with in the future

Working within the Easigrass Labour sector

Easigrass Artificial Grass Careers
Perhaps you are looking for a job role which allows you to be hand on and offers the chance to work in the labour sector? Fear not! as Easigrass can accommodate this with one of our vacancies to become one of our yardmen or professional installers. To be a Yardmen or an installer, we require someone who can meet the physical demands of this role along with hard work, attention to detail and importantly a team player. If this sounds like you then this is a great role.

Yardmen job role

  • Have great attention to detail making sure our grass is cut to the required measurement
  • Cutting grass samples to be sent out to our clients
  • Stock checking all our grass roles and materials
  • Driving the folk lift, JCB, and digger safely (licence required – opportunity to have test paid for)
  • Loading our grass onto delivery vans and unloading deliveries we receive
  • Keeping our yard clean and safe of hazards at all times
  • Grassing our fantastic animal sculptures
  • Servicing our cars, folk lifts, JCBs, diggers and machinery effectively
  • Making sure security is of a high standard welcoming each personnel who enters HQ

Professional Installers job role

  • Obtain important job bags and any required information from our administration team
  • Driving the installation vans safely following all road laws
  • Visiting our clients home to commence the installation process of their grass
  • Parking in a safe place whilst calling the office team to book a permit if needed and locking the van always when not in use
  • Taking high quality before and after images of the area to be grassed for administration purposes
  • Keeping machinery safe and not laying around
  • Keeping our clients home safe and clean during the installation process
  • Making sure you are polite and keep our client informed during the installation process answering any enquiries they may have
  • Retrieving our clients feedback by presenting them with a satisfaction letter once the job has been completed
  • Proceeding with any maintenances that are needed for our clients grass in the future

Easigrass on the road

Easigrass Jobs

If your interest is more towards working offsite and you like the idea of traveling the country or internationally discovering new counties whilst meeting new people along the way, then Easigrass offers the perfect vacancy for you of becoming a key account manager or delivery driver.

Key account manager role

  • Manage our current retailer and partner accounts
  • Have great networking skills- foreseeing potential retailers we could possibly work with in the future
  • Organising events
  • Participating in stand exhibitions

Delivery driver role

  • Obtaining all the important delivery details needed from the office team
  • Making sure that all items of our clients order are loaded correctly onto the van
  • Driving carefully on the way to your destination following all road laws
  • Delivering the order to the client on time
  • Keeping in contact with the administration team if there are any changes towards the delivery
  • Greeting our client politely when you arrive at the destination
  • Unloading all our clients items safely

For more information please contact HR@easigrass.com Or Click here to view our current vacancies