The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK

The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK

Easi-Wentworth Grass Range

Artificial grass for golfing greens

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Artificial Putting Green

Perfect your golfing skills, relax and unwind, and enjoy fun with family and friends, by having your own artificial putting green installed in your garden. From a fun, one-hole green in a previously unused space in the garden to a larger eight-plus hole green, we will create the perfect artificial golf grass design for you. Our expert installers can create bespoke courses, including the addition of falls and rises to emulate the challenges of a real golfing green. Professional holes and flags add the finishing touches to any size and shape green.

Easi-Wentworth Grass

Our Easi-Wentworth grass is specifically designed to mirror the look and feel of a professional golfing green. The putting green fibres offer an exceptionally low-texturised finish to accurately simulate roll and ball speed. Improve your technique at home with our Easi-Wentworth putting green, an all-weather, surface to entertain golf enthusiasts of all ages. Suitable for installation in most outdoor or indoor spaces.

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