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Easi-Light is among the top ten suppliers of the most environmentally sustainable outdoor recreational lighting systems in the world, operating from its manufacturing base in Holland.

All Easi-Light systems are designed for maximum efficiency and lifespan with components manufactured from renewable or recycled materials to the highest of industry standards.

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Sold with Confidence

Full five-year manufacturer guarantee with all systems.

Built to Last

All Easi-Light lighting systems are designed for an average lifespan of 70,000 hours – a phenomenal 14 years of light, based on 12 hours use each night.

Energy Efficiency

All LED lighting works on DC voltage and using 24V, the system runs with greater efficiency on 24V. By combining our high-quality and sustainable electronics with the EasiLight Quick-Safe Connect System we have achieved optimum energy efficiency. Significantly reduced electricity costs.

Quick-safe Connection

Easi-Light watertight connections can only be connected one-way to allow for a simple, easy and safe installation of a 24V direct current. No electrical qualifications required to set up.

Weather proof

Easi-Light UV and water resistant, with flexible power cables at 1.0mm2 core thickness. Ultimate water resistant, even with complete temporary immersion.

Durable & safe

Ground lights pressure resistant to 2,500kg with the added protection of a corrosion-resistant nylon sleeve

Suitable for large gardens

The Easi-Light system is completely connected in parallel, making large projects easy, fast and safe to run on a low voltage. Thanks to 24V and the parallel base, the resistance in the system is kept to a minimum.

Versatile & adaptable

Thanks to the watertight screw fixing, connections can be made safely throughout the system, so the installation can be added to and changed for future use.

professional choice lighting

Professional Lighting Choice

Ambiance, safety, convenience and efficiency, enjoy a garden space both day and night with an Easi-Light professional lighting system.

Energy efficient and durable, the Easi-Light range works to bring your garden to life while keeping electricity costs low. Smart and easy-to-use sensors and timers ensure outdoor spaces are always shown in their best light.

sustainable lighting solutions for artificial grass

Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Enhance and experience outdoor spaces as night falls with the Easi-Light environmentally sustainable, safe and stunning lighting range.

Easi-Light supplies innovative, smart, premium energy efficiency outdoor lighting solutions directly to complement all professional landscape design.

artificial grass garden range

Easy Lighting garden range

Our 24V Easi-Lights are designed and manufactured to the highest standards resulting in maximum efficiency and enjoyment for you.

  • The highest energy efficiency – low energy consumption
  • Attractive lighting effect, low carbon footprint
  • Designed to last 70,000 hours
  • Low, safe 24V Quick-Safe Connect System

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