The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK

The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK







Artificial Grass Installation

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Artificial Grass Installation

f you want to invest in artificial grass installation that will add value to your property and is built to last, Easigrass is the choice of quality. As experts with more than 30 years of installation experience, we know that creating the right foundations for laying artificial grass is crucial, as this will ensure correct levelling, placement and durability of your new Easigrass surface. 

Range of Grass Types

As a premier supplier and installer in the UK, our teams of professionals use only the highest quality materials and carefully honed skills to ensure a perfect lawn fit. 

We have a wide range of award-winning grass products to suit different lifestyles and needs, and our artificial grass installers lay each one to high industry standards. 

Our comprehensive artificial grass range includes: 

  • Stunning grass for your home 
  • Artificial golf surfaces
  • Pet-friendly lawns
  • Child-safe school grass 
  • A range of pile heights 
  • Extra thick options 

Artificial Grass Accessories

If you want to complement your new lawn with some accessories, such as our green Easi-Wall, Easi-Animal sculptures, gazebos and outdoor kitchens, we have a wide range of unique options. So, as well as our premium fake grass installation, we can also install these other features, too. 

Laying Artificial Grass

Laying artificial grass requires an expert hand and an eye for detail. Here at Easigrass, we take care of the whole process, from helping you select the right grass with the right properties, all the way to the final flawless finish. As well as our standard service for homeowners, we can also carry out artificial turf installation for events, for either rental or purchase. 

Our artificial grass installation services include: 

  • First, the edging detail is inspected and protected. FItting of edging detail is carried out to ensure your new Easigrass garden lawn has a beautiful crisp edge surround, creating a sharp-formal or curved look  
  • Removal of existing grass, earth, dirt and sand to a depth suitable to enable our fitters to carry out a fully porous artificial grass installation 
  • Placement of a specific geotextile membrane sheet to prevent the growth of weeds and allow water to easily drain through
  • Laying, compacting and then levelling of an aggregate base, using our specialist range of equipment. This provides a strong, durable and professionally-levelled base for ultra-precision artificial grass installation
  • There is then the optional step of applying an odour-reducing product to keep your lawn hygienic when used by pets 
  • Expertly joining your new Easigrass lawn with commercial-grade binding joints and glue to ensure a durable, visibly seamless finish 
  • Applying infill with our special drop spreader, which is then mechanically brushed on the new surface
  • The final stage is to clean up your space, allowing you to kick back and enjoy your brand new lawn 

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