The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK

The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK

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Artificial Grass for Pets

Realsitic, non-absorbent, low-maintenance artificial grass for your pets

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  • Polypropylene High-Strength Yarn
  • Low-Absorbent Polyurethane Backing
  • High-Density Pile Thickness
  • Natural Colour Tone
  • Built and Tested for Dogs

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Don’t compromise between a great-looking garden and a happy animal. Here at Easigrass, we’re suppliers and installers of the most technologically advanced artificial turf for dogs, developed from 30 years of experience of installations.

Soft and play-friendly

Dogs, cats and other pets absolutely love to play, stretch, roll and relax on our soft-cushioned, yet durable, artificial grass for pets. Soft on paws, yet hard-wearing and long-lasting, the Easigrass artificial grass for dogs means no more muddy paws or patchy lawn stains. 

Stop odour in its tracks

The Easigrass Pet range is also specifically designed to prevent moisture retention in the fibres, which usually leads to unpleasant urine odour build-up. This makes it the perfect dog-friendly artificial grass for those looking to balance practicality and hygiene with a stunning luscious lawn.  

Artificial Grass for Pets

Although our grass is excellent for dogs, it’s just as good for pets of all kinds. 

Not only does our pet-friendly artificial grass look realistic, it’s fully porous, UV-stabilised and suitable for installation on soil, tarmac, concrete and decking. This delivers a safe, soft, hard-wearing surface for paws that also offers excellent drainage.

Is artificial grass right for my pet? 

There are many reasons why you and your pets will love an Easigrass lawn. Just a few main benefits include: 

  • Less mud, less mess, fewer baths 
  • No nasty pesticides or chemicals 
  • Soft, cushioned surface for play
  • Can do their business whenever they like 
  • Overgrown lawns will never spoil playtime 
  • Just pick up waste and hose down – simple! 

Taking care of artificial grass

While Astro Turf for dogs is extremely low maintenance, particularly with Easi-Pet non-absorbent fibres, strong smells can build up if not washed through. We advise pet owners to regularly rinse the surface with water, particularly in hot, dry weather, as an element of ammonia can be retained within the silica sand infill stabiliser. That’s why the pet grass anti-moisture retention technology works at optimum performance with our organic, odour-neutralising infill, Easi-Fill – the safest alternative to silica sand.

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Contact one of our Easigrass friendly professionals today to find out about our quality fake grass for dogs and other pets – we supply surfaces that we just know your four-legged friend will love to stretch out and play on. 

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