The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK

The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Commercial Balconies & Terraces

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Commercial & Office Terrace

As part of the move to make the work environment less stressful, an increasing number of designers and architects have been using Easigrass artificial grass to create unique communal areas, such as office terrace gardens and commercial balconies. 

Our UV-stabilised range of multi-award-winning grass, developed with 30 years of expert knowledge, can be fitted on any concrete, tarmac or decking surface to create a green garden space in any built-up urban environment.

There are multiple different applications for commercial terraces. For example, in corporate environments, office rooftop gardens encourage staff to go outside and get some fresh air by providing an attractive, relaxing place to do so. This can reduce stress, improve people’s mood and invite socialisation. Terraces are also a great place to host events or welcome potential clients. 

Artificial grass isn’t just useful for office roof gardens though,it’s also an excellent choice for bar, restaurant and hotel terraces. A hugely appealing trait for any eating or drinking establishment is a green outdoor space for those warmer months, and that’s something that Easigrass can provide without the need for time-consuming upkeep.

Commercial & Office Balconies

The exceptional adaptability of synthetic grass makes it the perfect product for bringing rooftops, commercial balconies and office terrace gardens of any size or shape to life. Our designers are always open to any challenge and specialise in bespoke customer service to create the perfect green space, such as an office roof garden or an office terrace garden.

If you manage an office or hotel with limited outdoor space, transforming your office balcony into a little outdoor haven can be a great way to introduce a slice of greenery into your office layout. Like terraces, balconies encourage workers to spend time outside, and are also ideal for hotels, bars and restaurants, too.

Rooftop Garden Installation

Made with durable commercial-grade materials of the highest quality, Easigrass commercial garden balcony artificial grass will enhance any size space and help create an environment that promotes productivity, creativity and enthusiasm in the workplace. The advanced technology used in our grass and underlay base panel system also ensures stability and excellent drainage for year-round use, with virtually no maintenance required.

To achieve a flawless finish, it’s important that your artificial grass for a terrace or balcony is installed by a professional company such as Easigrass. 

The benefits of using our installation service include: 

  • 30 years’ experience 
  • Award-winning grass products 
  • Quick, professional service 
  • Correct levelling and placement 
  • A perfect finish guaranteed 
  • Full clean-up of the space afterwards 

We also offer advice on low-maintenance pots, vertical artificial plant walls, grass-covered gazebos and lighting, regardless of whether you’re creating a hotel roof garden or an office roof garden. 

Contact our friendly professionals today to find out what Easigrass can deliver for your business. Free, no-obligation quotes are available.

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