The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK

The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Sports Surfaces

Outdoor pitches and fields for all sports disciplines

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Sports Artificial Grass

The Easigrass brand and reputation grew from the ground up on sports pitches and playing fields, where we began perfecting the craft of AstroTurf installations more than 30 years ago. 

Sports artificial grass technology has come a long way since, and we have stayed at the very top of the game to receive full accreditations from professional organisations. Our expertise and experience in sports artificial grass surfaces for varied disciplines – including football, rugby, golf, cricket, tennis, hockey and paddle tennis – is unrivalled anywhere in the UK.

Whether you are looking for an artificial football pitch or a multi-functional installation, the full range of Easigrass sports artificial grass surfaces will deliver a winning result. We’re the number one choice for those who want a dedicated sports surface installation that not only looks great, but is also fitted to the best of professional sporting standards.

What sports can be played on artificial grass?

Versatile, durable and high-performance, there are many benefits to using artificial grass as a sports surface, including: 

  • No mess, no mud, now mowing
  • A low-maintenance yet high-performance surface
  • Versatile to accommodate a range of sports 
  • Save money on maintenance and fertiliser 
  • Has superb aesthetic value with no patches 
  • Can be used in all weathers 

Just some of the sports that can benefit from an artificial sports surface include football, tennis, field hockey, golf, badminton, lacrosse, rugby, athletics, and many more.

Artificial grass football pitches

Whether it’s a school field or a professional sports pitch, our products are perfectly suited for the creation of artificial grass football pitches. With the high and energetic movement of football boots during matches, you need a surface that maintains its quality without getting churned up or muddy – and that’s where Easigrass comes in.  

Astroturf tennis courts

A sport like tennis demands ease of movement, as well as something that the players rely on for accuracy and speed. Astroturf tennis courts offer exactly this, making them excellently suited for this sport. 

Field hockey astroturf

Wear and tear are common during a game of field hockey, with feet, hockey balls and sticks impacting the surface. An excellent quality playing ground is therefore vital to ensure high levels of quality, no patchiness and playability in rain or shine – traits that our Easigrass products can provide. 

Golf Artificial Grass

Practice your perfect swing with golf artificial grass. Here at Easigrass, we can create bespoke home putting greens to allow you to hone your skills from the comfort of home. Whether you’re seeking a simple one-hole practice area or a more complex multi-hole layout, our professionals are here to help. 

The versatility of our sports artificial grass surfaces means no outdoor space is out of bounds. From a small golf putting green in the garden to a large artificial football pitch, tennis or cricket play area, we’ll help you achieve your sporting goals.

Easigrass will create a complete bespoke design package for all your artificial grass needs. Contact our friendly team of professionals today.

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