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Common FAQs About Sports Turf
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Common FAQs About Sports Turf

Common FAQs About Sports Turf

Versatile, durable and high-performance – these are just a few words used to describe the benefits of artificial grass as a sports surface. While you may understand why installing an artificial sports turf can benefit you, you may have a few more questions.

Whether you’re a sports manager or a sports enthusiast looking to transform a space, here are a few questions you may have regarding sports turf:

What is Sports Turf?

Sports turf is an artificial grass surface specifically designed for sports activities. It’s designed to resemble natural grass in look and feel, while providing excellent durability for heavy foot traffic. It also promotes good traction and reduces injuries. Sports turf comes in a variety of textures and colours and provides an excellent playing surface for a range of sports, including football, rugby, golf, cricket, tennis and hockey.

Common FAQs About Sports Turf

What are the Advantages of Sports Turf?

Most athletes understand that the right sports surface can have an impact on performance and can help reduce injuries. Artificial turf offers a range of benefits that can positively impact performance and your budget. Here are a few advantages:

Durability: One of the problems with maintaining a natural sports field is its durability. Sports can be tough on grass and can cause excessive damage. Artificial turf is engineered with stronger fibres and backing, making it more resilient and providing it with the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. This makes it perfect for sports fields which see plenty of activity.

Weather Resistance: Come rain or shine, you’ll find athletes on the field. This means they need a surface that can be used in a variety of weather conditions. Artificial turf is renowned for having excellent drainage, ensuring that there’s no mud or mess when they hit the field. Additionally, synthetic turf is designed with non-slip technology, ensuring athletes have a consistent playing surface that allows them to train and compete with minimal disruptions.

Low Maintenance: A significant advantage to having an artificial sports turf installed is its low maintenance features. There’s no need for mowing, watering or pest control, which can save time and money.

Safe: Synthetic turf provides a consistent playing field, which ensures there is less risk of injury. High-quality installations have the option to incorporate shock-absorbing padding or infill materials, which provide a more forgiving surface during impact.

Is sports turf suitable for all climates?

Yes! Whether it’s direct sunlight, rain or extreme heat, turf can thrive in a variety of conditions. With the correct maintenance practices and specially designed artificial grass products, turf can adapt to a range of climate conditions.

What Maintenance is Required?

While your artificial sports turf requires minimal maintenance, it still needs a little TLC to ensure it lasts for years to come. Depending on the size of the sports field, specialised equipment like groomers and brushes are employed to redistribute infill materials evenly across the field. This helps prevent compaction and matting, which ensures your sports surface looks great and contributes to shock absorption, traction and player comfort. While artificial turf is designed to withstand natural wear and tear, inspections are required to ensure your turf remains in top condition. The Easigrass™ team is equipped to check the seams and edges of the turf for signs of wear, lifting or separation, completing repairs where necessary.

How Long Does Sports Turf Last?

High-quality artificial sports turf is designed to be durable and withstand heavy use. Therefore, the average lifespan of turf is approximately eight – 10 years with proper maintenance. There are a range of factors that contribute to ensuring your turf stands the test of time, and that includes the frequency and intensity of use, the quality of the turf and regular maintenance. It’s always advised to choose an artificial grass installer who has the necessary experience, along with quality products you can trust. With the necessary care, artificial turf has the ability to last decades, providing a safe and consistent playing surface for various sports. Therefore, monitor areas of high foot traffic for compaction and loss of resilience, utilising proper maintenance techniques where appropriate.

Can Sports Turf be Customised?

Whether you’re looking for a football pitch or a multi-purpose installation, your artificial sports turf can be customised to meet your specific requirements. From customised pile height and density that suit your requirements to performance enhancements, the Easigrass™ team works closely with you to design and tailor a playing surface that fits your needs and budget.

Common FAQs About Sports Turf

Have Any More Questions?

Easigrass™ got its start on sports pitches and playing fields nearly 30 years ago. Since then, we have perfected our sports artificial grass technology to ensure your surface achieves the results you need. Whether you’re looking to create the golf course of your dreams or develop a multifunctional sports surface, you can rest assured that Easigrass™ can handle the challenge.

If you have any more questions or are ready to dive into the installation process, speak to us today!

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