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Helping wildlife thrive in your artificial garden
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Helping wildlife thrive in your artificial garden

Helping wildlife thrive in your artificial garden

If you’re enjoying the time-saving benefits that an artificial lawn has to offer, you may still have a niggling worry that local wildlife might not be having as good a time as you are in your new garden. 

Luckily, there are some easy ways to encourage and support wildlife in your artificial garden, making it a vibrant place where mammals, birds and insects can thrive.

How to attract wildlife to an artificial lawn

  • Incorporate bird feeders

Invite birds into your garden by incorporating bird feeders, bird houses and birdbaths to help them feel at home and comfortable in the space. These can be hung on or nailed to trees, and there are also free-standing options available, too. Bird feeders in particular may also attract squirrels and other small mammals, further boosting the variety of wildlife in your outdoor space. 

  • Add borders, planters and climbers

Real plants and artificial grass can easily co-exist alongside one another. Adding pollen-rich and colourful plants to attract insect life can easily be done in an artificial grass garden with the addition of borders, planters, and trellises for climbing plants. 

  • Build a compost heap

Compost heaps are an excellent resource for any budding gardener, and the compost can be used to fertilise any plants, beds or borders you have accompanying your artificial lawn. Not only that but a compost heap can be a very welcoming refuge for worms, woodlice, toads, beetles and other local wildlife, helping them to assimilate into your outdoor space with ease. 

  • Create leaf and log piles

In a similar vein to compost heaps, leaf and log piles also serve as inviting homes for all manner of insects, amphibians and small mammals. These are best set up in a shady part of the garden and are also more attractive if they are slightly damp. 

  • Start an insect hotel 

Most kids love bugs, so creating an insect hotel together can be a great family bonding experience. A quick look online will reveal lots of insect hotel ideas and techniques for how to construct them. These hotels aim to create a safe space for insects to gather, adding a touch more diversity into your garden, as well as something that’s sure to entertain the little ones. 

  • Construct a hedgehog house 

Hedgehogs are a species that needs a little help, as their numbers have been falling in recent years. So constructing a cosy hedgehog house in your garden means you do your bit to support this struggling species. Best built in shady spaces, you can buy a hedgehog house online or, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can construct one yourself. Pop a little water and hedgehog-friendly food in the miniature house, and hopefully watch their emergence in good time. 

  • Install a pond

Ponds are an oasis of wildlife diversity, and so if you have the space and inclination to include one into your garden, it’s a great way to invite all manner of species into your outdoor area. Expect amphibians, insects and birds to be attracted to this body of water, and you can even introduce your own wildlife by purchasing a few fish who can call it home. 

  • Set up a beehive 

Bees are an incredibly vital species to the future of our planet, and so creating supportive conditions for bees is very important. A simple way to help is by putting a beehive in your garden, either by building one or purchasing one pre-made. It’s wise to make sure that the hive is in a place where it will get a bit of sunshine. A water source nearby and an open space around the hive for ease of flight are other adjustments you can make to make the hive as welcoming as possible. 

With many options for attracting wildlife to your artificial grass garden, it’s easy to create a thriving outdoor space that your family and the local wildlife can enjoy together. 

Easigrass is the UK’s leading provider of artificial grass. Our ultra-realistic artificial grass products have won multiple awards, thanks to their superb quality and their ability to look and feel like the real deal. To find out more about our supply and installation service, simply get in touch with our friendly team today. 

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