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The Real Secret Behind The Perfect Putting Stroke
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The Real Secret Behind The Perfect Putting Stroke

The Real Secret Behind The Perfect Putting Stroke


More golfing professionals and enthusiasts than ever are having artificial green turf putting greens installed in their garden, with glowing reports about its positive impact on their play.

“The harder I practice, the luckier I get.”

It was a professional golfer who fashioned this phrase after his opponent declared how lucky he was after he played an incredible shot. Those who love and know the game of golf will appreciate the sentiment of the golfing legend’s comeback. As recent Olympic success reveals, winning formulas are not about luck. Talent, hard work, motivation and investment are the core ingredients.

Performance progression in golf or any sport – whether pro or amateur – involves dedicating a significant chunk of training time to practise. You don’t improve your golf handicap simply because you get lucky.

Finding the time to perfect those shots can be a challenge in itself, however – particularly if you work long hours, have children, or both. It’s unlikely you are able to drop everything to play a four to five hour game on the course more than once a week, or abandon a family dinner to drive down to the range with your clubs.

Imagine the possibilities of unlimited access to your own putting green in your backyard, where you can unwind from work and perfect your short game? There are lots of reasons why golfers install a putting green at home:

  • Greater chance to improve your technique and impress your golf buddies by taking shots off your short game when next on the course. Putts usually account for around half your final score. Unlimited practice time putting on your own green is going to greatly improve your score each time you head back to the course for a match. No travel also means more spare time available to spend honing your golf skills and building confidence in your play.
  • Design your own course to best simulate and mirror the conditions in which you play. Opting for synthetic putting turf in your outdoor space means you have total flexibility in where and how it is situated. This includes shady spaces, balconies and patios.
  • Social fun. You can invite your golfing friends over for putting practice or have an impromptu match at your outdoor party or barbeque.
  • Inspire the next generation. Young budding golfers will have the best chance of honing their skills with a putting green right there in their backyard. What better way to encourage and build confidence in the next generation of golfers?


The simple answer is: yes. Artificial grass technology is highly advanced. As a leader in fake grass development, Easigrass has won awards at Royal Horticultural Society competitions for its products, including gold at the Chelsea Flower Show. The company offers a wide range of grasses to suit most outdoor needs, including the Easi-Wentworth. Specifically designed for golf putting, Easi-Wentworth cleverly simulates the look and feel of a perfect green. It has an exceptionally low texturised finish and is easy to maintain. Easigrass expert in-house installers create bespoke designs, including falls and rises to mirror the challenges of a golf green. Professional holes and flags add the finishing touches to any size and shape green avid golfers wish to have installed.

Artificial grass offers the perfect solution to perfect and hone your putts on your own personal green:

  1. Tournament quality installed in your home. Synthetic turf’s flexibility is more suited to creating a perfectly simulated putting green surface in your backyard. Maintaining the highly professional standards and expertise required of a real grass green would leave you little time for anything – not even a round of golf. Putting turf created from fake grass provides a consistent roll and ball speed, with the simulated smoothness of a professional green.
  2. Time saving. There’s no need to mow or maintain your synthetic putting green. The up-keep of fake grass is really simple. Your new green may require a brush or a spray once in a while, but that’s all. Easigrass even offers an annual maintenance service to its customers. All you need to hone your short game golf skills is a ball and putter.
  3. All-weather durability. A professionally supplied, installed and fitted putting green turf is fully porous and UV stablised and is suitable for placement on soil, tarmac, concrete and decking. Rain or shine, the grass maintains its stability and professional look. You can hone your putting skills year-round whatever the weather. Fake grass is also extremely tough, and durable. Easigrass has more than three decades of experience installing and fitting synthetic turf for a range of commercial sports areas, with its products designed to last heavy use. The team of expert fitters at Easigrass create seamless finishes during the installation process, opting to use commercial sports grade adhesive to ensure the surface remains stable.
  4. Fitted for all outdoor shapes and sizes. The versatility of artificial turf means no outdoor space is out of bounds. From a fun one-hole green in a previously unused space in the garden to a larger eight-plus hole green, Easigrass will create the perfect design and budget for you.
  5. Expert advice: Experienced in-house teams are there to help advise and design the right artificial grass garden for you. Easigrass knows its craft – from supply to installation, you are dealing with professionals who are there to deliver the very best solution for your golfing needs.
  6. High standards: Easigrass is independently means tested to ensure its credibility in complying with the highest international quality standards. Awarded with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Easigrass match all the criteria demanded by these respected international accreditations. Easigrass offers a full 8-year warranty on all its grass products.
  7. Great value. Easigrass calculates price per metre-squared for the grass and adds the cost of installation. Contact the Easigrass team for a free quote today.
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