The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK

The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK

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Top 5 Autumn Garden Tips

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Top 5 Autumn Garden Tips

With the air getting crisper and the days becoming colder, autumn is officially on its way. That means it’s time to get the gardening gloves on and start on those outdoor tasks. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through some essential gardening tips for this time of year to make sure you prepare properly for the autumn months.

Do a clear out

The first thing to do is have a good clear out of your garden, including sheds and patio furniture. Remember that once the cold weather sets in, any items left outside will be vulnerable to frost, rain and snow, so make sure you have everything safely stored away to keep in good condition for spring. 

Now is also a good time to make any repairs to sheds, fences or paving, as any problems may worsen in harsher weather

Rake leaves regularly

Over autumn, leaves and other debris may settle on your lawn and patio. Once they decompose, they could pose a slip hazard or just not be a great look for your garden. Regularly raking leaves makes sure your garden stays in pristine condition and prevents unsightly buildups.

Start a compost heap

Autumn is the prime time to get a compost heap started, as preparing for the colder months will include trimming and raking the lawn, neatening up hedges and borders, and clearing out planters. All this produces a lot of waste which can go in a compost bin to begin the process of breaking down into compost. 

Compost is an excellent resource for any discerning gardener, making use of organic waste by allowing it to slowly break down to form a useful soil enhancer with plenty of beneficial nutrients. 

Plant smartly

Timing is everything when it comes to planting. Select flower types that will bloom ready for spring, or even opt for evergreen shrubs and plants that can withstand the cold weather while also giving you the benefit of beautiful decoration. If you have a vegetable patch, you can also choose some seasonal veggies to grow, perfect for popping in stews and other autumn dishes.

Get the lawn cut

Mowing the lawn is a must before autumn and winter. Rain and frost can make lawn maintenance much more difficult, so you’ll want to neaten things up before then. One option that is increasing in popularity year by year is artificial grass, which can reward you with a low-maintenance lawn that stays looking good all year round, without the need for mowing, weeding or other time-consuming maintenance tasks. This makes it especially desirable in the winter months. 

Neaten up borders

Get your borders looking their best in time for autumn. Remove weeds, old debris and dying plants, and then pop a fresh layer of mulch or chippings over the surface to freshen everything up and strengthen the soil, ready for the more trying months.

Consider artificial grass

No mud, no mess, no mowing – these are just some of the benefits of artificial grass. As well as looking and feeling like the real thing, artificial grass is also incredibly low maintenance, making it ideal for gardeners who want to create a flawless outdoor space while saving on time. 

The low-effort advantages of artificial lawns will be especially useful in the cooler parts of the year when the weather can worsen the condition of our lawns and make maintenance a less pleasant task – these issues are bypassed with the help of artificial grass. 

Here at Easigrass, we’re an award-winning supplier and installer of artificial grass for the UK. Our products have been celebrated for their authentic natural appearance, while still boasting a whole range of safety, hygiene and low-maintenance benefits for homeowners. To find out more about our offerings, simply contact our team today.

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