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Easigrass Ireland Careers – Join the Easigrass Team In Ireland

Easigrass was formed over 25 years ago. Since then, it has employed over 2,000 individuals. What started as a small establishment, based in London, has expanded via a partnership system both nationally and internationally. Each Easigrass partner offers a number of varied job roles, making it a splendid and diversified company to work in. When recruiting new staff members, we search for motivated people to represent the Easigrass brand with pride.

Choose Your Path

By starting a career with Easigrass you have the opportunity to gain new skills, meet new people and be exposed to fascinating avenues. At Easigrass we recognise hard work and dedication. We reward individuals who work tirelessly with the chance of career progression. We have careers to suit everyone; from management in the heart of the company to being the face of the company as a part of the installation team. Find out more about what these specific roles entail below.

Working Within the Easigrass Administration Sector

Do you enjoy working in an office setting? If your skill set includes being computer literate, focused, having an excellent telephone manner, being customer care driven and being a general team player, then working within the Administration Sector is the ideal job for you.


Office Staff : Job Description

  • Answer incoming phone calls and dealing with them effectively
  • Arrange site surveys for our customers
  • Book Artificial Grass installations for our customers with our award winning installers
  • Provide support to all sectors of our enterprise
  • Prepare invoices
  • Work within a team as well as on your own initiative
  • Prepare supply orders and arrange deliveries
  • Send invoices as well as samples, along with arranging couriers for delivery of bigger items
  • General admin responsibilities i.e. filing, photocopying, emails, etc.


Surveyor : Job Description

  • Regularly check your digital calendar to receive site survey reservations from the office team
  • Accurately measure  customer’s garden space, and provide them with an official quote for their Artificial Grass of choice
  • Work closely with the office team and communicate any kind of requirements our customers might have
  • Be able to give consultation to our customers when needed
  • Have great networking skills – forecasting potential retailers we could work with in the future
  • Punctuality for the site survey bookings is imperative


Working Within the Easigrass Labor Sector


Are you are looking for a job that is hands on and physical? We have plenty of opportunities in our installation department within the Easigrass team. For this position, we need somebody who can not only fulfil the physical demands of this job but who is also a hard worker, pays attention to detail and is a team player. If this sounds like you, then this could be just the role you are looking for.

Installation Job Description

  • Have great attention to detail ensuring Artificial Grass is cut to the required measurement
  • Cutting turf samples to be distributed to our customers
  • Stock checking all the grass roles & materials
  • Driving the folk lifts, JCB, and also digger, securely (licence required)
  • Loading the Artificial Grass into the delivery vans and unloading any deliveries we receive
  • Keeping our yard clean and secure at all times
  • Grassing our Artificial Grass animal sculptures
  • Maintaining our vehicles, diggers, folk lifts, JCBs, and other machinery effectively
  • Ensuring safety is always a priority
  • Welcoming anyone who comes to the HQ
  • Ensuring you have all required equipment and information from our management team
  • Driving the installation vans securely following all rule of the road
  • Visiting customer homes to install their Artificial Grass
  • Always parking in a safe place while phoning the office team to reserve a permit if needed and locking the van at all times when not in use
  • Taking high quality before and after images of the area where you are installing the Artificial Grass
  • Keeping machines safe and secure at all times
  • Maintaining the safety and cleanliness of the consumers home throughout the installation process
  • Always maintaing a polite and helpful manor while dealing with our customers and answering any questions they may have throughout the Artificial Grass installation process
  • Retrieving the customers’ feedback on the installation by providing the them with a letter of satisfaction once the work has been completed
  • Returning to the customers’ property to carry out any necessary maintenance that may be required after the installation is compete


Easigrass On the Road

If  you are looking for a job that takes you off site, and the idea of touring the country is appealing to you, then you would find the Easigrass roles in account management and distribution very interesting.

Account Manager Description

  • Manage our current retailer and partner accounts
  • Have great networking skills- foreseeing potential retailers we could possibly work with in the future
  • Organise events
  • Participating in stand exhibitions

Delivery Driver Role

  • Obtaining all the important delivery details needed from the office team
  • Making sure that all items of our clients order are loaded correctly onto the van
  • Driving carefully on the way to your destination following all road laws
  • Delivering the order to the client on time
  • Keeping in contact with the administration team if there are any changes towards the delivery
  • Greeting our clients politely when you arrive at the destination
  • Unloading all our clients items safely


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