The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK

The No.1 brand for artificial grass in the UK

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Transform your lawn this Autumn

Benefits of Artificial Grass

No mud, no mess, no mowing

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Benefits of Artificial Grass

More people than ever are opting for our low-maintenance, all-weather surfaces for their garden spaces, because of the many benefits artificial grass offers compared to natural turf. 

Increasingly unpredictable and extreme weather patterns in the UK have prompted many of us garden lovers to look for more robust alternatives and toy with the questions “should I get artificial grass?” Or even “is artificial grass good?” 

Quality, ultra-realistic fake grass is extremely versatile and will improve the look of any size of space, including shady areas where real turf struggles to thrive or grow. This includes balconies, terraces, pool areas and even indoor areas. 

The benefits of artificial grass are numerous and include:

  • No mowing and barely any maintenance: The biggest pull towards artificial grass is that its maintenance needs are so few. While a natural lawn requires a lot of mowing and looking after to maintain its beauty, artificial grass requires none of this – giving you more free time to spend actually enjoying your garden rather than taking care of it. All that is required is a yearly maintenance session and the occasional hose down if you own pets. 
  • No puddles and patches: Wet weather and years of use can result in puddles and patches forming in a natural garden, marring the appearance over time. Sidestep a messy, unsightly lawn with an artificial grass alternative which stays looking beautiful no matter what the elements throw at it. This is thanks to its robust design and synthetic fibres which are much more hardy than natural grass. 
  • Save money on fertilisers and pesticides: Pests won’t be a problem in your new artificial lawn, and neither will you need to worry about encouraging grass growth with fertilisers. In fact, chemicals will be a thing of the past, which not only saves you money but is kinder to the environment. 
  • Looks stunning all year round: The quality of a natural lawn may ebb and flow depending on the season, whereas an artificial lawn will look stunning whatever the season. Thanks to our award-winning ultra-realistic grass from Easigrass, you can get all the year-round beauty of a natural-looking lawn whatever the weather.
  • Safe for pets and children: Here at Easigrass, we provide child-safe and pet-friendly options for households across the UK. This grass has been specially designed to be soft for play, but also easy to clean for hygiene purposes. Our pet-friendly options also come available with odour-eating infill to help manage smells. 

So, retire your lawn mower and forget all about mud, mess, watering and weeding. It’s time to relax and enjoy the hassle-free benefits of fake grass in your new outdoor space with Easigrass. Get in touch with your local team today to arrange an appointment or to find out more about the advantages of artificial grass. 

More time to relax

Your Easigrass lawn will maintain its luscious, green look and luxury feel all year round, no matter the weather.

Designed for you

Easigrass supplies and installs grass that will work to meet your application requirements, including safe child and pet play, hardwearing sports grade surfaces and premium, soft yarn fibres.

Safety for all

Easigrass is perfect for pets, child’s play, the elderly and those with mobility disabilities who require a more even, non-slip surface to move safely.

Reduces bills and saves precious water

With Easigrass, there’s no need to drain precious water resources or your finances to keep the garden looking good.

Brighten up dull spaces

Fake grass is an excellent way to brighten up and improve the aesthetics of small, shady areas where natural grass struggles to thrive.

Perfect for home rental and holiday properties

An artificial lawn offers lots of benefits for both landlords and tenants, as it will keep the outdoors looking good without any maintenance worry or demands.

No more harmful pesticides

Harmful weed killing chemicals can be thrown away, without any risk to you, your family, pet, or the environment.

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30 Years' Experience

Easigrass have over 30 years’ experience supplying and installing the most advanced Artificial Grass on the market. It is this experience that ensures the high levels of quality and customer service you will receive during your order process with us.

100% British Design Badge

Easigrass 100% British Design

Easigrass supplies and installs a large selection of award-winning natural looking grass products designed here in the UK.

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