Artificial Grass For Pets

artificial grass for pets

Owner And Pet Friendly Garden Lawns Solutions With Easigrass

Artificial lawn for petsTrying to keep a garden looking lush green and healthy is a huge challenge for pet owners who battle muddy paws, stain patches on lawns, digging damage and the dangers faced by animals from grass preserving pesticides. Time outside for our pets is important and we want to provide a friendly and safe environment for them to run, roll, play and go to the toilet without stress to you or them. As most dog owners know, however, our furry, four-legged friends do not share our concerns when it comes to preserving the look of our lawns or our personal enjoyment of outdoor spaces at home.

Dogs, in particular, can cause irreversible damage to natural lawns – with unsightly burn stains from urine in dry weather and torn-grass mud baths during the rainy seasons. Reseeding and fertilizing to repair lawn damage is a thankless and potentially harmful pursuit for pet owners, as trying to exclude those curious and excitable paws and noses from re-planted seed areas and toxic chemicals is near impossible. Pets also have a habit of transporting lots of mud on their paws and fur and can end up creating mess and damage inside the home.

Artificial grass offers the perfect solution for pet owners who don’t want to compromise between a great looking garden lawn and a happy outdoor-loving animal. Advances in fake grass technology provide our customers with a great choice of incredibly realistic looking lawns that feel great too. Our extensive range offers affordable solutions with excellent service and product guarantees.

Pets love Easigrass:

Easigrass has fitted many thousands of artificial grass installations across the UK and abroad for pet owners. Our 30 years of experience provides us with enough evidence to confirm pets absolutely love our grass. Cats, dogs, and all pets great and small love to stretch, roll and relax on our soft, cushioned Easigrass lawns. They also enjoy this fantastic experience year-round, whatever the weather.

Low maintenance:

Artificial grass provides a low maintenance garden, where no mowing, weeding, seeding or fertilising is required. This means less hassle and more time to enjoy being outdoors with pets, children, family and friends.

Stain-free and easy to clean:

Artificial Grass For PetsOne of the greatest advantages of our artificial grass range and installation systems for pet owners is that there is no need to worry about stains when your cat and dog needs to go to the toilet. Easigrass lawns are permeable, allowing pet urine to drain through and faces to be removed easily and hygienically. Unlike natural lawns, artificial grass fibres are not damaged by animal faeces or urine.

As with most surfaces, however, strong smells can build up if not washed through, particularly in hot, dry weather. The good news is spillages on all Easigrass artificial turf can be easily washed away.

We recommend owners establish a pet toilet area where mild detergents can be used to help manage smells. Train the dog to pee in this one section and reward him when he does so. Some dogs have exceptionally strong smelling urine, so – as with any toilet area – particular attention needs to be given to flushing away waste residue.

Dogs love to sniff out other canine smells and they generally prefer to do their business away from their own garden. Regular walks help to encourage healthy toilet habits.

If dog or fox urine smells become noticeable or persist, the synthetic turf can be sprayed with the Easi re-odouriser which is specifically designed to neutralise strong odours.

Built to last:

Our grasses not only look great they are designed and built to withstand heavy footfall. Synthetic turf is tough and durable and can handle year-round, heavy use from people and pets. Easigrass lawns are designed to last up to 20 years heavy use, while maintaining a lush green appearance year-round. All Easigrass artificial grass gardens are British-made and fully covered by our 10-year guarantee.

During the installation process, our highly skilled teams apply the same methods used to create artificial turf for sports fields. The synthetic lawn is flawlessly joined, so there’s no need to worry about even the most playful of pets running around on the Easigrass lawn. Any rain or water runs through the fully porous Easigrass installations without creating unsightly, slippery mud patches.

No harmful chemical danger:

Once you have fake grass installed, you no longer need to use any harmful fertilisers or other chemicals to keep a healthy-looking lawn. That means no more concerns about exposure of potentially harmful chemicals to pets and children.

Perfect for small outdoor areas:

Artificial grass brings small outdoor areas to life and maximises their potential for owners and pets to enjoy. Easigrass professionals have transformed an incredible variety of small and unusually shaped spaces, such as patio areas and balconies. No job is too big, small or unusual for the experienced in-house Easigrass supply, design and installation teams.

The Easigrass artificial grass range is fully porous and UV stablised and is suitable for installation on soil, tarmac, concrete and decking. Our expert teams ensure the system has excellent drainage – a must to wash away pet urine safely and hygienically.

Imagine just how much more pleasure your animal will have in these small spaces, with a soft, cushioned synthetic grass area to sleep and stretch out on!

Great for kennel runs:

There is a growing demand for artificial turf for commercial kennel and dog day care centres, where natural grass comes under intense pressure. Rather than the hard and rough surfaces of gravel or concrete, kennel and dog day care owners are increasingly opting for artificial grass solutions. Not only is fake grass easy to keep clean and maintained, they also provide a happier experience for dogs who play, roll and run on artificial lawn runs as if the surface was the real thing.

Synthetic turf saves dog day care businesses money in lawn maintenance, allowing them to concentrate efforts on what they do best – caring for pets. Kennel owners who have had artificial grass installed have even reported a more positive response at playtime than there is with natural grass; with dogs enjoying the springy, soft feel ground to the max. This means dogs are benefiting from healthy outdoor exercise and socialising with other dogs. Owners are also pleased to pick up their dogs without having muddy paws and fur to clean.

Quality range, fitting and service:

The Easigrass range of grasses offer a suitable choice for most needs and budgets. Easigrass calculates price per metre-squared for the grass and adds the cost of installation. Grass price ranges from £21.99 to £34.99 per metre square, plus installation. The fees for installation vary according to the size of the area and the work required to produce a high quality fit in your garden.

It is possible to fit artificial grass yourself, however, it is a highly-skilled process and we recommend you call in the experts to make sure you have the best high quality fit for your outdoor area. Easigrass offers a free quote service for its full supply and installation service, complete with a guarantee of expertise and quality whatever your budget.

We send out free samples on request for you and your pet to check out!

Free quote and advice:

Get a free quote and advice from Easigrass today. The Easigrass Company is vast, covering more than 90% of the UK, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands. We have high quality, trained in-house installation teams in many areas near you.

Our in-house experts can help advise you on the features available from Easigrass to make your garden fun and safe for your children, pets and all of the family.