new job career in London

Looking for a new career with Easigrass? Our London office is hiring new staff.

We are looking for labourers, drivers and admin staff to join our amazing team in London. If you are interested in any of the roles please send your CV to

Easigrass was established over 25 years ago and throughout the years has employed over 2,000 people. What started off as a small company based in London has now expanded via a partner programme both national and internationally. Each partner comes with a variety of distinctive job roles, making it a marvellous company to work within. When hiring new staff, we look for motivated individuals who are willing to represent the Easigrass brand with pride whilst being professional and committed in doing so. By embarking on a career with Easigrass you will have the chance to gain new skills, meet new people and be exposed to exciting opportunities not only this, we reward individuals who work hard, with the chance for career progression. There are many different sectors at Easigrass and these include; working at the heart of Easigrass in Administration, working hands on with the products as a labourer and working as a surveyor, where you will meet and work with clients face to face all over the country. If you would like to know more about what these roles entail, please read below.