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5 Reasons To Install Artificial Grass in Schools & Playgrounds
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5 Reasons To Install Artificial Grass in Schools & Playgrounds

5 Reasons To Install Artificial Grass in Schools & Playgrounds

Hundreds of little feet excitedly running about throughout the year can cause excessive damage to natural grass. As a result, bare patches and tracks are likely to form as the heavy use eventually wears down and kills the grass. This can become a tripping hazard and can lead to children falling and potentially injuring themselves.

A big priority for parents and educators is to keep the kids safe. This requires a hardworking flooring solution that provides numerous safety features and can handle the strain of busy feet. Artificial grass is uniquely designed to meet the necessary criteria required for playgrounds and schools, providing an aesthetically pleasing surface that allows kids to play and learn in safety and comfort.

Here are five reasons to install artificial grass in schools and playgrounds:

Less Maintenance Needed

You can scratch mowing, weeding and pest control off your to-do list. With artificial turf installed, you can significantly reduce labour costs and free up valuable time for staff who would otherwise be engaged in tedious upkeep tasks. In the long run, this can help save you time and money. Additional cost-saving benefits include eliminating the constant need for watering, which not only saves extra money but also supports water conservation efforts. Overall, the low-maintenance quality of artificial grass simplifies upkeep and contributes to a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environment.

A Safe Choice

One of the main concerns for schools and play areas is the safety of children. Synthetic turf is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and rough play and provides a durable surface that lasts considerably longer than natural grass. This ensures that the surface will never break down and erode, preventing little ones from slipping and sliding due to muddy patches. Easigrass™ artificial grass products are specially designed for playgrounds, schools and nurseries, which provide a flawless finish that allows kids to remain clean throughout playtime. Additionally, our turfs are installed with a thick pile and shock-absorbent pad underlay to help cushion them from bumps and falls.

5 Reasons To Install Artificial Grass in Schools & Playgrounds

No More Stuffy Nose

A study conducted by Allergy UK noted that approximately 10-15% of children in the United Kingdom suffer from hay fever. While smelling freshly cut grass may be glorious to some, it can be miserable for others. A blocked and runny nose, difficulty breathing and frequent sneezing are just some of the many symptoms hay fever sufferers have to contend with when stepping outside. Unfortunately, the pollen from grass is one of the biggest culprits, with mowing and trimming exasperating the situation. This can have a significant effect on a child’s concentration, school work and playtime. Thankfully, artificial turf does not produce pollen and is made from hypoallergenic materials. This can help reduce the risk of children breathing in pollen and can relieve hay fever symptoms.

It Is Accessible

Around 6% of children in the UK have some form of mobility impairment. Unlike uneven natural grass or gravel, which can be difficult to navigate, artificial grass offers a consistent and wheelchair-friendly surface. This makes it easier for students with disabilities to move around the playground independently. It allows them to participate in activities and games with their peers without facing barriers posed by rough or inaccessible surfaces. This inclusivity fosters a sense of belonging and encourages social interaction among all students.

5 Reasons To Install Artificial Grass in Schools & Playgrounds

Great For Dull Areas

One of the aesthetic advantages of artificial grass is that it helps transform dull, lifeless spaces into lush and vibrant green spaces, making it perfect for play. School fields and play areas are not exempt from the fickle nature of “real” grass, with brown and dead patches prevalent in some spots, which can be an eyesore and present safety issues. Artificial grass creates a professional and well-maintained look for schools and playgrounds. This low-maintenance solution not only contributes to visual harmony but also offers a comfortable and inviting outdoor space for students, staff, and the local community to enjoy.

With so many incredible benefits, it’s no surprise artificial grass makes a great surface for schools, nurseries and playgrounds. From small gardens to large sports fields, Easigrass™ offers a range of award-winning products that have been expertly designed for playgrounds and schools, combining shock-absorbent technology with an ultra-realistic appearance.

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