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Does artificial grass necessarily have a negative impact on wildlife?
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Does artificial grass necessarily have a negative impact on wildlife?

Does artificial grass necessarily have a negative impact on wildlife?

Does Easigrass’s synthetic grass turf have a negative effect on wildlife?

Recently, environmentalists have been stating that they are becoming increasingly worried about the impact of artificial grass on wildlife and habitat. This has been intensified by the huge surge in sales of artificial grass in the last few years, where it has been going from strength to strength in the market.

However, is this claim always true?

In short, the answer is no. To the contrary, Easigrass actually have a leading eco-policy, and specifically state that they will only undertake environmentally-friendly installations. As a company with a strong social conscience they ensure that they do everything they can to promote the combination of flora and fauna alongside their artificial grass products. This means that instead of seeing flora and fauna as antithetical to their artificial products, Easigrass instead see them as integral to the gardens they work on, and as crucial to enhancing the look and feel of the spaces they are creating. As a result, they only agree to complete an installation if there is some form of flora or fauna present.

Acting responsibly

One of Easigrass’s most recent steps in environmental responsibility is their Easi-Scape service. This not only focuses on improving the relationship between the artificial products and their natural environment, but also on assisting the Wildlife Corridor. The Easi-Scape service comes in a variety of options, from the most basic which creates a simple design and complements this with a selection of flora in the bedding areas that surround this, to an option that offers the customer a fully-detailed plant list to choose from. Easigrass are not afraid of embracing new ideas and they are happy to recommend specific natural products to accompany their synthetic turf if requested, with any of their services.

They also follow an eco-policy, which means that they are dedicated to developments and innovative design in these areas. Rather than destroying wildlife, they aim to minimise any negative impact on the environment. This not only means that they create products from recycled matter, but also that their vehicles are eco-respectful and they commit to helping communities conserve water sources if they are in a particularly dry area.

Plants and artificial grass in harmony?

The company’s aim to be socially responsible is not only reflected in their garden installations where they ensure that plants are present before agreeing to the job, but also in the way that they present their product to the wider community. They strongly endorse the combination of artificial grass in combination with flora and fauna. This was perhaps best highlighted in their displays at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Easigrass understand the importance of nature and natural grass, which was demonstrated in their application to showcase at the competition. Instead of proposing an artificial grass garden, they displayed their product in a place where grass would not normally grow: in a cave. Additionally, despite the fact that this installation was designed to promote their synthetic product, they displayed this in conjunction with real flowers and ferns.

This stunning integration of synthetic with the natural was first displayed at the show in 2010, and was repeated two years later when they showcased beautiful orchids surrounded by artificial grass. The designer, Tony Smith, clearly appreciated Easigrass’s mission to combine the real and artificial, which is highlighted in everything that Easigrass strive to achieve. As Anthony Gallagher, Managing Director of Easigrass stated, ‘Tony’s display never sought to compare the artificial with the real, but instead by lining the cage, in which the enviable flora are contained, in fake turf it’s more as if Tony is seeking to frame and juxtapose his subject matter. This is about contrast not comparison.’

Thinking green

Aside from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, one of the most recent triumphs in combining artificial grass with natural plants is at John Lewis’s flagship store on Oxford Street, London. Here there is a mesmerising roof garden carefully integrating the two. Easigrass’s products have been used in this space to create an incredible combination of nature and synthetic turf, and the sumptuous artificial grass sits comfortably among the rosebuds, vegetables and other plantings. Until recently this was a sparse area with minimal containers for plants – now it displays stunning green artificial lawns which perfectly complement the beautiful plants. This is somewhere that real grass would never have coped or lasted, and by making greenery for the floor a reality, Easigrass’s premium Mayfair brand enables the garden to continue and attract many visitors. This showcases one of the many possibilities for combining artificial grass with flora and fauna, and to answer the original question, the use of artificial grass does not necessarily have a negative impact on wildlife, but in contrast can actually be used to enhance it.

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