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Easigrass joins industry leaders at The Great British Family Business Conference 2018

Easigrass was invited to join some of the biggest and most successful family-owned brands in the UK at The Great British Family Business Conference 2018, held at the Royal Geographical Society headquarters in London on 8 March. More than 150 delegates attended the flagship national business conference, which each year provides an opportunity for industry leaders and advisers to discuss the unique challenges facing family firms, as well as hear insights from those who have overcome obstacles to multi-generational success.

The theme for the 2018 Great British Family Business Conference was ‘Past, Present and Future: the creation of family businesses to stand the test of time,’ and brought together heads of first-generation businesses, such as Easigrass, with multi-generation firms such as the Pentland Group, Wyke Farms, PwC and HMG Paints.

It was inspiring to gain insight and advice from people such as Andy Rubin, whose family business started out all those years ago in much the same way as Easigrass

The most popular speakers of the conference included Andy Rubin, chairman of the Pentland Group, who revealed the story behind one of Britain’s most successful family businesses. Pentland is a multi-billion-pound family-run British powerhouse that owns and licenses global brands including Speedo, Berghaus, Canterbury of New Zealand, Ellesse, Lacoste and Ted Baker and JD Sports.

“It was inspiring to gain insight and advice from people such as Andy Rubin, whose family business started out all those years ago in much the same way as Easigrass,” said Easigrass managing director Anthony Gallagher, who was invited to exhibit at the conference for the first time alongside other successful British family brands including Wyke Farms, Ridgeview Winery Estate, Husk and Honey Granola and Plan Insurance. “Andy’s forefathers and grandfathers faced all the challenges we are experiencing right now as a business and his message was incredibly sharp, clear, captivating and motivating. The ten-point plan to team success particularly resonated and I’ve taken away a lot of inspirational advice from the conference.”

Recent research revealed that there are around five million family-owned businesses in Britain that contribute around £200 billion pounds to the UK economy each year. Conference organiser and creator, Paul Andrews of Family Business United (, said the event created a forum that provides numerous opportunities for family firms to learn, share and feel part of a vibrant community that is at the very heart of the British economy.

“The conference explores issues that affect every single family business, no matter its size,” said Paul Andrews. “The feedback from those attending has been incredible, and has to be down to the honest and open insights from the presenters on the stage. We are always delighted when delegates tell us they have gained an insight into addressing something that until then they felt they were the only ones facing.”

Easigrass was also proud to feature some of its unique products at the conference, including an Easi-Guard sculpture on the main speaker stage.